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Regardless of the unprecedented situation in the past few months, we hope to bring some positive vibes to the community to connect kids who are having similar interests and passionate in learning. We offer safe, fun, inspiring, engaging, flexible and personalised learning experience to kids and parents in this summer holiday.


Brand new classes

A wide range of interesting subjects are available to sparkle kids' interests and eagerness on learning.

We offer both ONLINE and OFFLINE courses this Summer - kids and parents can choose the mode which works best for their own preferences on environment and schedule arrangement. 


Courses will be taken at JEI Smart Tree Learning Center



Brain Safari

An enrichment programme with stories, activities and questions that strengthens life skills, wellness, logical and analytical skills according to
the 9 different learning domains. 以不同的主題故事、活動、遊戲、練習,建立及提升小朋友多方面的能力,如自理、分析、數理邏輯、思考力、自律等。帶領建立良好生活習慣,守護護孩子快樂成長。

Sketching Workshop for beginners (English)

Learning to be mindful and English in the meantime - Grasping the basic techniques on sketching and be able to express or release through drawing. Lesson is conducted in English. 繪畫是一項抒發發自娛的活動。透過掌握基本描繪技巧,小朋友能夠「我手繪我心」。課堂以NET老師以英語授課,學習繪畫之餘,還可以英語跟老師及同學分享所畫的圖畫。

Tailor-made Tutoring

A personalised tutoring esp. for kids who may have learning loss during the school suspension in the past months, and to be well-prepared for the new school year. 度身訂造的學習計劃,協助小朋友重溫固有知識,特別是於停課期間的學習流失,可於假期補回及鞏固 ,為新學年有充足的預備。

Live Stream with Teachers

Learn the ways & skills on engaging a Livestream broadcast on social media platforms to reach people in different places, e.g. Instagram, Facebook, in English / Putonghua.

A taste of Fashion Design

Learn how to think like a fashion designer - 1) get the sense of mix & match of clothes; 2) get to know about different kinds of texture / fabrics / pattern; 3) basic skills on sketching and the proportion of fashion figures.

Other regular courses

Regular courses, e.g. Math, Cambridge English, Chinese, Putonghua, Japanese conducted in Summer as usual. Flexible schedule and subjects mix.


Courses will be taken by ZOOM

Can make a 'Request for Topic' if interested in something in particular




The Kingdom of Math 數學小王國

Turning 6 common headache topics to be an easy peasy lemon squeezy! It includes Time, 2D Shapes, 3D Shapes, Angles, Multiple & Factor, and Perimeter & Area.


First Contact of French 法文初體驗

Comment allez-vous? Mon nom est …

Arousing children's interest on French through practical and interesting topics.


Putonghua Pinyin Fun 拼音多樂趣

Learning Pinyin is way for building a solid foundation for Putonghua. A systematic and interactive teaching method will be delivered for an effective learning.


My Sweet Family


Focus on spoken Putonghua - Learn how to describe family members with terms, vocabularies, sentence structure, etc.

課程著重會話訓練 - 學生能學習不同詞彙、日常用語、句式等學懂描述自己的家庭成員

Teddy Love

Hello! I am......


Children can learn how to introduce themselves in Putonghua fluently.



My Favourite


Children can be able to introduce their favourite items in Putonghua. Related vocabularies and sentence structure will be taught as well.


Student Paper Writing

English Writing is a piece of cake! (Beginner)

Children will learn the techniques on writing and be inspired by reading famous readers - Flat Stanley.

Tiny Detectives!

An exciting exercise which is to spot differences within a short period of time. Not only will this train their alertness, but also developing prompt, organise, and clear responses utilizing English instructions/ directional words accordingly.

Lost in the shopping mall!

Students will be introduced a wide range of Shopping mall-related useful daily English and directional English terminologies.

Power Up your English Level - 1:1 Tailor-made English course

Enable students to reach their fullest potential, perfect students’ weaknesses and reinforce students’ strength. Students will elevate all aspects of their English in just 1 class.

The Smart Pilot Tree School

Students will be imitating passengers on the aircraft while asking for services. Students will learn how to ask questions politely in order to get what they want. There will also be a role play interactive session when students can unleash their creativity and potential.

Little Reporter

Students will be exposed to selected news. They will learn to identify important elements and learn to write their own newspaper article. They will also learn the 5 W writing techniques and the reverse triangular writing techniques.

Drawing cute kawaii cartoon characters

Children will be taught to draw the cute and kawaii cartoon characters, such as Sesame Street, Sumikko Gurashi, characters in Animal Crossing, etc.

Illustrations in Anime style

Children will learn how to illustrate in anime style, the proportion and create an anime character.

Crafty Kitchen

Children can learn how to design a kind of food, e.g. cake, pizza, by the skills of basic collage. They will be able to know the nutrient value of each food as well.

A Taste of Fashion Design

Learn how to think like a fashion designer - 1) get the sense of mix & match of fashion; 2) get to know about different kinds of texture / fabrics / pattern; 3) basic skills on sketching and the proportion of fashion figures.

Tailor-made Chinese Tutoring (Cantonese)

A tailor-made Chinese tutoring programme which is totally targeted to students' needs. It aims to strengthen the existing knowledge and polish the weaknesses in the areas of writing, reading, speaking and listening.

Polish skills on Reading Comprehension (Cantonese) 解構中文閱讀理解技巧 (廣東話)

Students will be able to grasp the techniques and 'tricks' on reading comprehension in this class. You will find it is just a piece of cake!

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