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JEI Englsih Exercise

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."

- Frank Smith

1. JEI English 英語全領域課程

  • The program progresses in small steps and makes learning engaging and effective. The workbooks are designed to provide a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills.

  • From K1 or above 適合K1或以上學生

Tuition Fee:

​Little English:$1220

Level A-C:$1220

Level D-J:$1350

Lesson:4 Lessons

​Duration: 1 hour

2. JEI Reading & Writing 閱讀及寫作

  • Foster reading comprehension, writing, proofreading, and editing skills 培養閱讀理解、寫作、校對及編輯能力

  • Explore various types of literary genres in each grade level 根據不同年級,學生會可接觸到不同的文學體裁,培養閱讀習慣

  • Progress naturally through the introduction of various fiction and nonfiction books 透過小說類及非小說類書籍,學生可學懂不同寫作技巧

  • ​From Grade 3 or above 適合3年級或以上學生

Tuition Fee:

​Level C-D:$1190

Level E-H:$1390

Lesson:4 Lessons

​Duration: 1 hour

3. FIRST STEPS from Phonics to Reading 英語拼音

  • 課程採用新加坡出版 FIRST STEPS from Phonics to Reading 為教材,更貼近亞洲小朋友的學習模式

  • 以 故事 作主軸來教授拼音,每個故事更均植入 「社交及情感學習」 (Social and Emotional Learning)。學習拼音同時更能鼓勵他們正向成長心態(Growth Mindset)

  • 強化學生對字詞的記憶及運用能力,避免學生只識拼音而忽視語文運用的重要性

  • 另設線上平台,方便在家重溫,鞏固已學內容

Tuition Fee:$1250​

Lesson:4 Lessons

​Duration: 1 hour


4. Read 'n Tell 故事閱讀

  • Build up children’s interests on reading and develop their creative mind 培養學童的閱讀興趣及想像力

  • Provide the right balance of skills, such as comprehension, vocabulary and grammar 均衡的技巧訓練,如閱讀理解、字彙、文法等

  • Encourage children to speak and read English as much as possible 鼓勵學童多以英文說話及閱讀

Tuition Fee:




Lesson:4 Lessons

​Duration: 1 hour

5. Cambridge English (YLE): Examination Preparation Course 劍橋英語基礎考試預備課程

  • Designed to assess the English language skills of children專為評估學童的英語能力而設

  • Starters, Movers and Flyers  等級分為第一級、第二級和第三級

  • Attempt to take globally- recognized Cambridge Exam in just less than 12 months 12個月內可以參加劍橋公開考試

  • Memorize up to 450 vocabularies 可學懂450個詞彙或以上

  • Study smart with visible distinctive results 透過導師的教導,使學生更有效率去學習,獲得顯著成績

Tuition Fee:​$1120

Lesson:4 Lessons

​Duration: 1 hour


JEI English Booklets
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