JEI Math

JEI Math offers a complete program for kindergarten to Form 3 students and encourages conceptual understanding. Each level of the JEI Math program is designed with specific study objectives and provides a step-by-step approach which makes learning easy for everyone.

  •  Tackle the weaknesses for students

  • Suit the school curriculum 

  • Learn the techniques of answering questions

JEI Maths Exercise (2)
JEI Maths Exercise (1)
JEI Maths Exercise (3)

Brain Safari

Brain Safari is an enrichment program that strengthens logical and analytical skills according to
the 8 different learning domains. These unique, fun, and engaging activities will help build critical 
thinking skills and creative talents to help students excel in all subjects.
Brain Safari以循序漸進的學習模式,加強小朋友的邏輯及分析能力。此外,透過生動有趣的教學活動,讓小朋友更容易學習批判性思維及創意思維。課程適合由幼稚園至小三程度的學生。

​This program can help student to develop these 8 different learning domains:


  • 創意思考 Enhancing Creativity

  • 解決問題 Problem Solving

  • 語言能力 Linguistic Intelligence

  • 數理能力 Mathematical Intelligence

  • 空間感 Spatial Intelligence

  • 記憶能力 Memory Training

  • 邏輯推理 Logical Reasoning

  • 分析能力 Analytical Reasoning