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Courses will be taken by ZOOM

Can make a 'Request for Topic' if interested in something in particular





The Kingdom of Math 


Turning 6 common headache topics to be an easy peasy lemon squeezy! It includes Time, 2D Shapes, 3D Shapes, Angles, Multiple & Factor, and Perimeter & Area.

Course Description: 

1. Introduction of Time (Suitable for Grade 1-2)

- Beginners: Identify Hour Hand and Minute Hand

- Advanced 1: Able to tell the time and know the concept of a.m. and p.m.

- Advanced 2: Application  and Calculation on time

2. 2D Shapes (Suitable for Grade 1-2)

- Beginners: Understand Vertex and Side; Learn different 2D Shapes, e.g. Rectangle, Square, Circle, Polygon, etc.

- Advanced: More different 2D shapes and their features, incl. Trapezoid, Parallelogram, Rhombus, etc.

3. 3D Shapes (Suitable for Grade 1-2)

- Learn the concept Vertex, Edge, Face

- Learn different shapes, e.g. Cylinder, Pyramid, Sphere

4. Introduction of Angles (Suitable for Grade 2-3)

- Learn the formation of angles

- Identify Acute Angle, Right Angle and Obtuse Angle

5. Multiple and Factor (Suitable for Grade 4)

- Beginners: Understand Multiple & Factor

- Advanced 1: Learn the way of finding LCM and HCF

- Advanced 2: Application of LCM and HCF

6. Perimeter and Area (Suitable for Grade 4)

- Learn the concept of Perimeter and use the formula to calculate Perimeter of square and rectangle

- Learn the concept of Area and use the formula to calculate Area of square and rectangle



  • 時間 (Introduction of time) [適合一、二年班]

    1. 初階[適合一年班]

      • 學識分辨時針(Hour Hand)及分針(Minute Hand)

      • 學識基本報時及時間的運用,例如現在是7時,1小時後是何時?

    2. 進階(I)[適合二年班]

      • 學懂如何報時(Telling Time)、上午(A.M.)和下午(P.M.)的概念

    3. 進階(II)[適合二年班]

      • 時間的運用,計算時間長短

  • 平面圖形 (2D shapes) [適合一、二年班]

    1. 初階[適合一年班]

      • 學習點(vertex)及邊(side)的概念

      • 認識不同的平面圖形,例如:長方形(rectangle)、正方形(Square)、圓形(Circle)、多邊形(Polygon)……等圖形

    2. 進階[適合二年班]

      • 認識更多平面圖形,例如:梯形(Trapezoid)、平行四邊形(Parallelogram)、菱形(Rhombus)…等圖形及其特性

  • 立體圖形 (3D shapes) [適合一、二年班]

    • 學習點(vertex)、邊(edge)及面(face)的概念

    • 認識不同的立體圖形,例如:柱體(Cylinder)、錐體(Pyramid)、球體(Sphere)

  • 角的介紹 (Introduction of angles) [適合二、三年班]

    • 認識角的形成

    • 學懂分辨銳角(Acute Angle)、直角(Right Angle)及鈍角(Obtuse Angle)

  • 倍數和因數 (Multiple and Factor) [適合四年班]

    1. 初階

      • 認識倍數

      • 認識因數並找出某數的所有因數

    2. 進階(I)

      • 認識求公倍數和最小公倍數(LCM)的方法

      • 認識求公因數和最大公因數(GCF/HCF)的方法

    3. 進階(II)

      • 最小公倍數及最大公因數的運用

  • 周界與面積 (Perimeter & Area) [適合四年班]

    1. 正方形及長方形的周界(Perimeter)

      • 認識周界 (Perimeter)

      • 利用公式計算長方形(Rectangle)及正方形(Square)的周界

    2. 面積(Area)

      • 正方形及長方形的面積

        • 認識及應用正方形及長方形的面積公式

        • 正方形及長方形周界和面積的應用

Age Range: Primary 1 - 4

Class Size: 1-4 pax

Duration: 30 mins per class / Once per week

Schedule: (GMT+8)

Mon: 11-12nn / 6-7pm

Wed: 6-7pm

Thur: 2-3pm

Fri: 11:30-12:30pm

Don't see a time works for you?

Medium of Instruction: Cantonese or English (upon request)

Course Fee: $90 per lesson

Supply List: Exercises and handouts will be provided. Please print them out before the class.


Parental Guidance: The course will be conducted on Zoom. Parents please ensure the computer / devices are ready before the class.


Teacher's Bio:

  • 大學畢業 Bachelor degree

  • 經驗豐富,擁有7年或以上的教學經驗 Senior teacher with 7+years teaching experiences

  • 了解本地學校及國際學校數學課程大綱,能指出學生常犯錯誤 Very clear about the school syllabus (both local and international schools) and students' common errors

  • 理解不同數學題型,清晰指導學生如何解題及答題技巧 Provide clear, effective and practical guidances to students on tackling different Math problems

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