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Smart English


1. Phonics 英語拼音

  • Use our multi-senses method to learn and sustain knowledge on phonics 運用多元感官的教學方法,讓學童學習和穩固拼音技巧

  • Apply skills on blending words while learning sounds & word families 學會音素及輔音的同時,會同步學習混音,更易掌握箇中技巧


2. Read & Tell / Smart English 故事閱讀

  • Build up children’s interests on reading and develop their creative mind 培養學童的閱讀興趣及想像力

  • Provide the right balance of skills, such as comprehension, vocabulary and grammar 均衡的技巧訓練,如閱讀理解、字彙、文法等

  • Encourage children to speak and read English as much as possible 鼓勵學童多以英文說話及閱讀


3. Reading Comprehension 閱讀理解

  • Reading strategies and skills 閱讀的策略及技巧

  • Methods on how to attack the comprehension questions 答題技巧及方法


4. Intensive Grammar 文法加強班

  • Review grammar 改進文法上的弱點

  • Identify individual common grammar mistakes 辨識常見錯處

  • Enhance understanding and application of grammar 提升對文法的理解及運用


5. Writing 寫作班

  • Develop creative and academic writing skills學習創意及學術寫作的技巧

  • Usage of grammar and vocabulary文法及字彙的運用

  • Enhance skills on sentence structure and composing paragraphs提升造句及段落舖排的技巧


6. Oral & Listening 會話及聆聽

  • Build confidence in speaking and presentation 建立說話及演說的信心

  • Able to understand and get familiar with different English accents 明白及熟習各種不同的英文口音


7. Cambridge English (YLE): Examination Preparation Course 劍橋英語基礎考試預備課程

  • Designed to assess the English language skills of children專為評估學童的英語能力而設

  • Starters, Movers and Flyers  等級分為第一級、第二級和第三級

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."

- Frank Smith

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