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Class will be taken by ZOOM




A Taste of Fashion Design 小小時裝設計師

Learn how to think like a fashion designer - 1) get the sense of mix & match of fashion; 2) get to know about different kinds of texture / fabrics / pattern; 3) basic skills on sketching and the proportion of fashion figures.

Course Description: This programme allows kids to have an idea and a try on thinking like a fashion designer, which arouses their creativity and fashion senses. They will be able to design the clothes according to their own preferences through the following techniques:-

1. Application on matching colors

2. How to put together an outfit

3. Knowing different types of fabrics, cutting and patterns

4. The matching of an outfit and weather

  • 設計自己喜愛的衣服和配搭,訓練創造力

  • 學習運用顏色和配色

  • 認識不同衣服的設計和材質

  • 小朋友可以認識不同天氣應該穿甚麼衣服

Age Range: 7-10

Duration: 45 mins per week

Schedule: Flexible to you and can be discussed with us

Course Fee: Offline - $890 (4 lessons) / Online - $100 per lesson

Medium of Instruction: Cantonese (supplemented in English)

Supply List:

Instructor will provide a blank body figure sheet in PDF file. Students have to prepare 2 sharp pencils, erasers and colour pens / pencils / crayons.




Teacher's Bio:

  • 從小喜愛繪畫、手工、刺繡等藝術方面的活動

  • 學習多年素描、國畫等

  • 有多年教學經驗

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