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School Term 2023-24

Save and Study Package is launched during School Term 2023-24. You can save up to $2,730, while average monthly school fee per course is up to $698 ONLY!

Please click below for details.

"What we instill in our children will be foundation upon which they build their future"

- Steve Maraboli



Our philosophy is 'Happy Learning', which enables children to learn happily with positive attitude, which is not only for today but also future learning and development.


Learning is boundless. We believe children's initiatives, curiosity and happiness contribute an effective learning. Their motivation can be boosted under an inspiring, stimulating, caring and happy learning environment and well-modified courses in JEI Smart Tree.




學習是沒有局限。我們相信有效學習是源於小朋友的自發性、好奇心及愉快心情。JEI Smart Tree擁有充滿啟發性、關懷及愉快的學習環境,加上我們嚴謹審訂的教材及課程,大大加強小朋友的學習動力,自然事半功倍。


Our Students

They are studying in schools of respective districts:



Kindergarten 幼稚園

Box Hill (HK) International Kindergarten 博士山國際幼稚園

Creative Kindergarten 啟思幼稚園

Hong Kong Preschool & Playschool 樂基幼兒學校

​Joyful World International Kindergarten心 怡天地國際幼稚園

Kingston International School 京斯敦國際學校

St. Catherine International Kindergarten 國際英文幼稚園

York International Kindergarten 約克幼稚園

Primary & Secondary Schools 小學及中學

Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School 浸信會呂明才小學

Baptist (Sha Tin Wai) Lui Ming Choi Primary School 浸信會沙田圍呂明才小學

Chan's Creative School 啟基學校

Diocesan Girls' School 拔萃女書院

ICHK International Primary & Secondary School

International Christian School 基督教國際學校

Japanese International School 日本人國際學校

La Salle College 喇沙書院

Malvern College Hong Kong 香港墨爾文國際學校

Maryknoll Convent School (Primary Section) 瑪利諾修院學校(小學部)

Harrow International School Hong Kong 哈羅香港國際學校

Holy Family Canossian School 嘉諾撒聖家學校

Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School 香港浸會大學附屬學校王錦輝中小學

Kowloon Tong School 九龍塘學校

Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School 保良局蔡繼有學校

Renaissance College 啟新書院

Sha Tin College 沙田學院

Sha Tin Junior School 沙田小學

Shatin Government Primary School 沙田官立小學

Shatin Methodist Primary School 沙田循道衛理小學

St. Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School 聖瑪加利男女英文中小學

St. Paul's Convent School (Primary Section) 聖保祿學校(小學部)

Stewards Pooi Kei School 培基小學

Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School 大埔三育中學

Tak Sun Secondary School 德信中學

Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten 崇真小學暨幼稚園

Victoria Shanghai Academy 滬江維多利亞學校

Yaumati Catholic Primary School(Hoi Wang Road)油蔴地天主教小學(海泓道)

​Our Teachers

Our teachers are caring, passionate and responsible. They all have excellent academic background and are experienced in teaching, which allow them to help students strengthen their knowledge in different subjects and enhance the effectiveness of learning.



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